10 Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

Sometime last year, my friend B sent me a text asking for my opinion on a book and it led to a discussion about similar authors. In regard to Fredrick Backman novel she was reading, I said it was a weird one and her response was “So was every Tom Robbins book, but I loved them.”

I admitted I’d never read any Tom Robbins so she made some suggestions. Then she asked if I like Kurt Vonnegut and I had to admit I’d never read him either.

‘WHO ARE YOU???!!” she demanded.

“I’M SO ASHAMED,” I replied.

“I won’t tell anybody,” she offered,  “but we need to fix this.”

“Lol, okay thank you,” was my grateful reply.


Since then, I have kept my eye out for books by those authors and have added a few to my home library. I’ve read Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle and loved it, so I look forward to venturing into more of his works.


And while I haven’t gotten to Robbins yet, I have picked up a copy of Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas, which is where B recommended I start.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the true struggle of every bookworm is knowing one will never be able to read everything we want to.


I like to consider myself a well-rounded reader. I definitely have my favorite genres and reading comfort zone (literary fiction and memoir) though I’m not afraid to step outside of it. And I certainly appreciate recommendations from anyone, but especially my nearest and dearest.

So I’ve done some thinking and a little research to come up with a list of authors who have been fairly popular, and recommended to me often, yet who I haven’t gotten around to yet.

What do you think about these writers and their works?

10 Popular Authors I’ve Never Read


Tom Robbins

Jane Austen

Hunter S. Thompson

Tom Wolfe

Nora Roberts

Terry Pratchett

Bill Bryson

Alice Munro

Marilynne Robinson

Salmon Rushdie

I own books by some of these writers, but not all of them.And I can’t say there’s any reason that I’ve “avoided” these works.

Where would you recommend I start?



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  1. lea

    September 20, 2018 at 2:56 pm

    Other than Austin, who you know I have enjoyed very recently, I haven’t read many of these either. I quit Robinson’s Gilead, but I was in my 20’s and I think it has to do with losing her husband or something so I am sure if I tried again, I would have a different view…I will confess I’ve never heard of this Robbins! Whoa! Hunter S Thompson I think I am too sober for these days, and I think Pratchett might be too fantastical for me, but I know I am probably pre-judging. As our friend Andrea says, We like what we like!

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