2020 Reading Challenges

I’m making a serious change of pace this year when it comes to reading challenges! 2015 was the first year I discovered Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge. I did that three years in a row, adding in PopSugar’s Reading Challenge in 2017. Then in 2018 I created my own challenge and participated in one held by my local favorite indie bookshop, I repeated both of those in 2019.

That’s a lot of categories to fill! By the end of 2019 I was feeling a bit burnt out on constantly scanning lists and book titles, to see what fits where.

So this year I’m passing on Read Harder and PopSugar. Though trust me, I didn’t make that decision lightly. I feel a bit like a failure for “quitting.” The thing is, I enjoy doing reading challenges but they can distract me from the joy of reading.

Simply put, I want to be able to read what I want, when I want. This gives me more freedom to accept advanced copies and other books for review, which is where I want to be focusing my energy right now.

So here’s what I’ll be doing this year to challenge my reading habits:


1. While I Was Reading 2020 Challenge
This is my own challenge. I started it because the others I mentioned above are often intimidating to and excluding of causal readers. You don’t have to get through 50+ books a year to enjoy reading. If you finish this challenge and submit your completed list, you are entered in a drawing to win a $20 Amazon gift card at the end of the year.


2. Country Bookshelf’s 2020 Challenge
This challenge is hosted b my favorite book store in downtown Bozeman. It gives 24 categories, but as long as you finish 12, you get a prize at their annual reading challenge celebration event. I went last week and won two books!



3. The Library Love Challenge

This is one I only heard of last month, and decided to join in because a) it’s easy! and b) it promotes libraries, which is a topic dear to my heart. Apparently this is the fourth year for it, which is hosted by Angel’s Guilty Pleasures & Books of My Heart. The goal is to read at least twelve books from the library, but you can read more, and any format counts! Since the majority of audio books I listen to come from the library, this is going to give me a great reason to talk about that more in my posts here and on my social media!


me at our public library
Me at the public library recently


My goal for 2020 is to finish at least 100 books. Last year I finished 180, and reduced my goal so I can feel good about making more time for writing.

I’d love to know what your reading goals are for 2020. Why do you choose to do challenges, or not do them?


  1. Niki Tudor

    January 24, 2020 at 9:48 am

    You reached out to me because I posted a comment on a GoodReads post from Facebook. My Personal Reading Challenge for 2020 is to read Best Selling Novels from 1980, the year I was born. My thought was I turn 40 years old this year and I would like to see what interested people in reading 40 years ago. Thank you for reaching out to me. I am looking over your site and have enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

  2. Ramona Mead

    January 24, 2020 at 10:52 am

    Thanks so much for visiting my site. I look forward to connecting with you more about your own challenge.

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