6 Must Read Non-Fiction Books From 2019 (So Far)

While I read mostly fiction, I write strictly non-fiction. I make an effort to read from all genres. From personal development to science to memoir, here are six that have rocked my world so far this year. Give ’em a try, I promise you’ll learn something new and useful from each one!




6 Must Read Non-Fiction Books From 2019


  1. Inheritance by Dani Shapiro  Published January 15th

A stunning memoir about the author’s experience taking a DNA test for fun and discovering her biological father wasn’t who she’d believed her whole life. This is an incredible story, told with raw honesty and grace. The reader is right there with her as she tries to conjure up childhood memories to connect with the facts she’s learning.

2. Someday is Not a Day of the Week by Sam Horn Published March 12th A refreshing alternative to all the other “live in the now” guides out there. Horn breaks life down into chunks, and peels back the covers to show the reader how we are waiting for Someday to arrive. She provides small, achievable tips for how to go after what you want each day, without necessarily feeling like you’re making a huge drastic change. 

3. The Art of Happy Moving by Ali Wenzke Published May 7th I promise I’m not including this one only because I recently interviewed Ali for a post! In fact, it’s the opposite. I wanted to feature her because I believe this book has the potential to help tons of people. Ali’s writing style is casual and honest: She knows moving sucks! She’s also positive, funny, and realistic about all aspects of life, and family. The book is packed full of checklists and other resources to help you stay organized. Even people who aren’t currently planning a move will find useful advice in here for evaluating their current lifestyle and home environment. 

4. Signs: the Secret Language of The Universe by Laura Lynne Jackson Published June 8th Even if you are already open to receiving signs from The Universe, you will take a lot away from this positive, encouraging guidebook. Jackson uses straightforward language to best explain her beliefs and give guidance. She shows the ready how to not only remain open to signs from The Other Side, but to live a life that is based in love, not fear. 

5. Three Women by Lisa Taddeo Published July 9th A compelling and important look into the lives of three American women who for their sexual appetites (and actions, and their bodily functions. Judged not just by men, but by other women, and by themselves.) The writing is exceptional, it feels like fiction and not non-fiction reporting. 

6. Horror Stories by Liz Phair Published October 8th A must read for Liz Phair fans, but also for fans of introspective personal essays. As with her songwriting, Liz’s prose is emotional, raw, and honest. She perfectly captures what it’s like to be a women who doubts herself at times, who owns her sexuality at other times, and who in general just wants to love and be loved.

And watch for this one coming soon….

Little Weirds by Jenny Slate Expected publication November 5th This book is weird in the most wonderful way possible, and unlike anything else I’ve ever read. This is a collection of essays and stories about being a human woman, living on this planet, loving lots of things, and having a heart that is vulnerable to being broken. The writing style is quite literal. Jenny’s writing is sensory and emotional and magical. I’m not sure how it’s all of those things at once, but it is.This is a truly special book that not everyone will “get,” but those who do will love it every much, like I did.

Have you read any of this yet?

What’s your favorite non-fiction read so far this year?


  1. Elizabeth

    October 25, 2019 at 6:41 am

    I was immensely surprised by THE WOMAN FROM THE BLACK LAGOON by Mallory O’Meara. While I anticipated a biography of one of Disney’s first female animators (the tag that pulled me in), I was met with a combination of feminist memoir, reportage, and Disney history. It was incredibly well written–compelling, lyrical, and thought-provoking–and reinforced the sad reality that gender equality in the workforce has progressed little since the 1950’s.

  2. Ramona Mead

    October 25, 2019 at 11:03 am

    I’ve heard about that one, and no it’s officially on my TBR list! Thanks for the suggestion. I hope you find something on my list you enjoy as well.

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