7 Places to Donate Your Used Books

At this time of year, many bookworms are evaluating their shelves, making room for Christmas gifts or planning for their reading in the new year. This means books are piling up waiting to go to new homes. But where does one take their stacks of used books if not unloading them on friends and family?

I’ve compiled a list of places in your community that might be willing to take used books. You should check their websites or call ahead to make sure your donation is wanted and fits their criteria for acceptance.

7 Places to Donate Your Used Books

Free Little Libraries

Have you seen those cute little boxes around town that house books? They’re called Free Little Libraries and they operate on the “take one leave one” philosophy. Of course if you’re looking to unload some books you don’t have to take any! Check out the official website to learn more about these libraries and look at their map to find ones in your neighborhood.

Thrift stores

I’ve never visited a thrift store without a book section! A quick Google search will list shops in your area and chances are good you will find one that supports a charity you support.

Senior Centers

I’m not talking about nursing homes (although they might take donations too) but organizations that exist for the enrichment of seniors’ lives. They usually take books and often will accept donations of puzzles and board games too.

Your local library

Most libraries accept donations and then sell those used books to raise money for the library. It’s very rare that a donated book will actually be added to the library’s collection for circulation. Be sure to check ahead of time as to what they accept and when.

Food banks

Many food banks will take donated cook books to offer their clients. Some have waiting areas or other spaces to offer other books as well.

Other shelters

I’ve donated books to an organization that helps people escape domestic violence and another that helps people get back on their feet recovering from addiction.

Offer free on Facebook Marketplace

When I had a few boxes of books lying around but no time to deliver them somewhere, I’ve posted them to Facebook Marketplace free for pick up. They were gone within a day! Sure in this case you don’t know who is getting the books or what they’ll do with them but chances are good it’s another book lover who will appreciate them or pass them on.

Where are some places you’ve donated used books?

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