How To Make Time For Reading During The Holidays


The holiday season has been in full swing for weeks, and the days seem to fly by faster right now than any other time of year.

There’s so much to around the house: decorating, sending cards, baking, online shopping, gift wrapping…And even more to do outside the house: finish shopping, run to the post office, pick up groceries and supplies, attend holiday gatherings…

On days like these, it can be tough to find time to fit in regular tasks like showering and working out! So how in the world are we supposed to fit in time for reading too? Especially when some of us as pushing to finish a reading challenge, or get through a certain number of books.

I am a pro when it comes to squeezing in time to read during an average day, or even an non-average day (like reading in the ER waiting room last week!) So here are my tips for getting through this hectic season without giving up that novel you’ve started.


1. Keep a book or e-reader in your purse or car. This time of year, you never know when you may have an unexpected wait. Be prepared!

2. Audio books for everything! Housework, decorating, shoveling snow, wrapping gifts are all ideal times to have an audio book playing. And don’t forget to listen to one while driving around running errands, or walking the dog.

3. Read to your loved ones. While we’re busy at this time of year, we’re often indoors. This is a great time to read holiday stories or poems aloud. I have a friend whose husband reads aloud to the whole family when they travel in the car, what a great way to share reading together!

4.  Make time for yourself to decompress. I know your days (and evenings) are jam packed right now, but try allotting an extra 30 minutes into your morning or evening routine to read. I typically read with my morning coffee, and in my “quiet time” before I try to sleep.

These reading tips are not necessarily specific to the holiday season, I’ve posted about most of them before. But it’s especially important at times when we are extra busy or stressed or sad, that we remember to make time for what matters in our days.

How do you make time for what matters most during this hectic season? Do you make reading a priority? Why or why not?

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