About Me

I grew up in Chester County, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. In my teen years, my family moved to Wyoming. Since then, I’ve lived in North Carolina, and have spent the last decade in Bozeman, Montana with no intentions of moving any time soon!

I have adored books since before I was literate. I would carry my picture books around “reading” by making up stories to go with the illustrations. A few of my elementary school years were lived next door to a beautiful historic library in Phoenixville, PA, which still holds a place in my heart for nurturing my love of reading, and my lifelong support of public libraries.

I’m a book hoarder, and I read as much as I physically can. I value the ability to learn through books, and enjoy most subjects and genres.

I write creative non-fiction, and decided it was finally time to combine my love of reading with my passion and talent for writing.

I value connection, creativity, hard work & humor. I love to laugh, and to make others laugh! If I’m not reading or writing, I’m probably out walking my dogs, riding my bike, or yardsale-ing. I’m an introvert and a home body. Thankfully I’m married to a wonderful guy who is the same.