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I understand that having time to read is a luxury for many. I help people rediscover their love of reading by weeding out trendy and overhyped titles. My intuitive nature guides my suggestions, and I only recommend books worthy of your time!


Ramona Mead While I Was Reading


After twenty-some years of working in veterinary medicine, I realized I had given that field everything I had. After years of ignoring the warning signs, I was suffering from compassion fatigue and feeling wholly unappreciated in my workplace. On a particularly rough day in 2013, I finally said “I can’t do this anymore.”

My desire to live a creative life was not actualizing because my career, which I’d worked extremely hard for since I was a teenager, was draining me, physically and emotionally.

I did a string of temp jobs, rested my weary spirit, and started saying “I am a writer,” instead of “I want to be a writer.”

ramona mead while i was reading


My career change opened up time for creative pursuits, one my my favorite being reading. A lover of books since before I was literate, I was the Go To person among my friends and family for book recommendations, reviews, and lending.

After blogging for years without success, I figured out it was because I lacked a niche. It was a natural transition then, to combine my passion for writing with my love of books, and my knack for giving recommendations.

My mission at While I Was Reading is to help people rediscover their love of reading that may have fallen to the way side for any number of reasons, but they all boil down to time. So many people feel they don’t hav the time to read, or they haven’t yet found the books that justify the time spent. That’s where I come in!

I want to encourage discussion not only about books, but of how we relate to them in regard to our own personal histories.


ramona mead while i was reading



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