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By sharing my experiences, I weed out the overhyped and trendy titles, and I will lead you to a richer life intellectually and emotionally, by introducing you to the “right” reading material for whatever you may be going through in life!


Ramona Mead While I Was Reading


After twenty-some years of working in veterinary medicine, I realized I had given that field everything I had. After years of ignoring the warning signs, I was suffering from compassion fatigue and feeling wholly unappreciated in my workplace. On a particularly rough day in 2013, I finally said “I can’t do this anymore.”

My desire to live a creative life was not actualizing because my career, which I’d worked extremely hard for since I was a teenager, was draining me, physically and emotionally.

I did a string of temp jobs, rested my weary spirit, and started saying “I am a writer,” instead of “I want to be a writer.”

ramona mead while i was reading


My career change opened up time for creative pursuits, one my my favorite being reading. A lover of books since before I was literate, I had over time, become the Go To person among my friends and family for book recommendations, reviews, and lending.

After blogging for years without success, I figured out it was because I lacked a niche. It was a natural transition then, to combine my passion for writing with my love of books, and my knack for giving recommendations.

My mission at While I Was Reading is to introduce readers to content and authors which may be outside their bookish comfort zone! I want to expand readers’ horizons through reading challenges, and by incorporating content from people I value, whose life and reading experiences differ from my own.

I want to encourage discussion not only about books, but of how we relate to them in regard to our own personal histories.


ramona mead while i was reading