Blog Tour – Aegean Sun: The Kafenion by Stephanie Wood

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Hello and welcome to another blog tour post, for Aegean Sun: The Kafenion by Stephanie Wood, which is officially published tomorrow.  I’d like to thank Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me to participate!

A blog tour is a virtual book tour, which are especially important in this time of COVID-19. Multiple bloggers agree to write about a specific book in a set time frame. I accepted a free copy from the publisher in exchange for agreeing to post about the book this week.

About the book

The Kafenion has much more to offer than just coffee and cake!

The Kafenion is undergoing its regular seasonal change from traditional coffee shop and local hangout to summertime hotspot for the massive influx of tourists who visit the Greek island each year.

The furniture has been updated, the new signs for more specific coffee types have been installed, the basic cookies have been replaced with a tempting range of cakes and desserts and a fresh coat of paint has added an optimistic glow to the place, which always attracts the many visitors who are looking for a treat.

Jane has been working on the island for a few years and finds a job in the kafenion for her friend Helen, who is hoping for some fun and romance during the summer.

Xenon and Kyriakos both make regular deliveries of fresh produce to the kafenion and they find other reasons to want to visit when Jane and Helen are around, but are they both interested in the same girl?

Georgina discovers the kafenion while searching for information from her mother’s past, but does Pericles have all the answers or will he just cause more confusion?

Visit the kafenion during a Greek summer season to see how the staff and their regulars navigate their way through complex working and romantic relationships. This is the eleventh book of standalone reads in the Aegean Sun series.

My thoughts

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I like to read books that teach me about a different culture without being preachy or forceful. This book was a joy to experience in that way. I was fully immersed in Greek culture, experiencing it along with the characters and never felt stupid for what I didn’t know. 

This reminded me of Maeve Binchy’s novels. There’s a full cast of characters, each with their own complex backstory and present journey. It was fun to see them intermingle and wonder how things would end up. 

While this might qualify as a romance novel, it’s not one in the traditional sense. The book takes place over the course of one summer at a traditional Greek cafe in a small town. It’s a place that’s overflowing with trouts all season, then goes quiet when they leave in the fall. It explores what that’s like for the residents, to have a bustling life for a while and then deal with the consequences of visitors who always leave. The setting is picturesque and the writing gives a vivid sense of life in and around this little cafe. 

About the Author

Stephanie Wood Author Photo
Image from Rachel’s Random Resources

Stephanie Wood writes contemporary fiction in the form of novels, novellas and short stories and you can find the running order of her titles on the ‘look inside’ of any book.

She published the AEGEAN SUN series of books as a fly-on-the-wall vision of life in a Greek resort during the summer season, using her extensive experience as a holiday rep to bring some unusual incidents to life on the page. The series began as an exploration of the various ways in which tourists make the most of their holidays and how they interact with the locals while they are visiting. The later books in the series have taken a closer look at the locals themselves and show how their lives and relationships are sometimes changed by the regular influx of seasonal visitors.

Stephanie lives in Lancashire where, apart from reading and writing, she loves gardening and cycling and is a huge fan of the soaps Emmerdale and Neighbours. If you would like to sign up to her newsletter list (with around four messages per year) you can do so on the contact page of her website and, as a thank you, will receive the free short story THE ZIA SUNSET EXCURSION.

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