Book Haul: Christmas Edition


It’s no surprise that I received a bunch of books as Christmas gifts, I also gifted quite a few. Having people in my life who understand and indulge my love of reading and writing is one of my biggest blessings!


I received a lovely book mail package from my bestie Lea, which included a lovely little journal.


My husband gave me this book, which I’ve been wanting for a long time. Because I grew up on the East Coast, then lived in the South for almost a decade before moving to Montana, I have a large vocabulary of regional phrases. My husband is frequently needing me to explain what I mean and where I got my word from! This book breaks down regional dialects in big colorful maps, it’s super fun!



My mother-in-law gave me this  list making journal. It’s similar to one she’s given me in the past and I really enjoy them!


My husband has four siblings, one of which is also married. So the seven of us each get one name to purchase gifts for. My sister-in-law Kelsey gave me these two books, which just so happened to be on my Wish List this year, although she hadn’t even seen that blog post! (Thank goodness for Amazon wish lists too!)

Kelsey also gave me this second Sherman Alexie book, which she had owned. When she visited my home in the fall, she saw I was reading a poetry collection by Alexie and we got to talking about his works.

What bookish gifts did you receive this year?!

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  1. Lea

    December 29, 2017 at 9:46 am

    I also got this book of lists! Lol.

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