Discussion Questions for The Bromance Book Club


My local book club met over the weekend, to discuss The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams. This was the first romance novel we’d read as a group and I was curious to see what everyone thought.

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When I searched online for discussion questions, I only found one set and it wasn’t easily printable. So as I have before, I used those questions as a frame for our discussion and have come up with my own set that will hopefully serve your book club well!


Discussion Questions for The Bromance Book Club


  1. What did you think of Gavin’s reaction to finding out Thea had been faking orgasms? Do you think Thea still would have asked if a divorce if he’d reacted differently?

2.  In what ways do you think the book challenges gender roles and stereotypes?

3. Did you like the inclusion of the excerpts from Courting the Countess? How did that story overlap with Gavin and Thea’s story?

4. What did you think about the relationship advice the men gave Gavin?

5. How did you feel about Thea’s reaction when she discovered Gavin’s hidden romance novels and learned he was using Lord Benedict’s words on her?

6. Why do you think Thea had a hard time getting along with the WAGs? And why do you think Rachel in particular was so mean?

7. Discuss how Thea and Liz’s early life experiences influenced their present day actions.

I hope these questions are useful for your book club. Please let me know if you use them, and if you add your own. 


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