Five Things Friday: August 13, 2021

Hello and welcome to Friday the 13th. I saw this meme on Facebook this morning and it really resonated with me!

Something that made me happy this week:

My husband and I went camping with friends for four days this week. Camping isn’t my favorite, but there are perks and it was so nice to spend time with our dear friends and their kiddos.

Photo by Ramona Mead

Something I read this week:

I finally finished How to Write an Autobiographical Novel by Alexander Chee. This collection contains some of the best essays I’ve ever read. Chee’s writing is quite stunning overall. It’s honest and vulnerable yet blunt and powerful. Besides having a lot of intense feelings, I learned a lot about writing from these essays. I understand why this collection is recommended reading for writers like me, looking to “master” the personal essay. I highly recommend this collection for readers of memoir and personal essay as well as writers of those genres. I also think readers of Chee’s fiction would enjoy this insight into him as a human being.

Something I did offline this week:

While camping, we did a bit of hiking and found some lovely views.

Photo by Ramona Mead

Something I’m grateful for this week:

Finding this vintage My Pet Monster at Goodwill. I’ll be able to sell him for a huge profit.

Photo by Ramona Mead

Something I’m looking forward to:

Going on a date to the library with my husband this afternoon.

What made you happy this week?

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