Five Things Friday August 21, 2020

Here’s what I’ve been up this this week!

Something that made me happy this week.

I got an early birthday present in the mail from an artist friend. She’d shared a photo of this on her Facebook and I was interested, then forgot all about it. Seeing it in my mail was a huge happy surprise and I felt loved.

Something I read this week

I finished two fantastic books this week. Maid by Stephanie Land is a memoir about her experiences as a member of the working poor while raising her daughter alone. It’s framed as commentary on the way the poor are treated in the US, which is certainly interesting. I found this more of a deeply personal account of what it means to be human, especially a woman. We love the wrong person, we make mistakes, we try our best, we work hard. It’s about the universal feeling of wanting to be seen and connect with others. The writing is top notch, honest and vivid.

More Than Maybe by Erin Hahn is a young adult romance with music at its core. The two main characters are bot eighteen, weeks away from graduation, and desperate to get out of their town. It’s their sweet story to finding each other, but it’s also about learning to stay true to yourself despite others expectations and how to set boundaries for those we care about. The writing is sharp and funny and the music references reached me to my core.

Something I did offline this week.

I harvested our first potatoes of the year! They’re one of my favorite things to grow because they’re hidden so it’s such a fun surprise to dig them up. We had these two for dinner that very same night.

Homegrown red potatoes

Something I’m grateful for this week.

Being selected as an Ambassador for Passion Planner. I’ve been using these planners for years and talk them up to people all the time. The daily planner in particular has been a game changer for me, helping me to stay organized and focused and positive! (use code RAMONA10 for a discount on their website)

Some things I’m looking forward to.

  • My book club meeting tomorrow
  • My birthday on Tuesday
  • Watching the Flyers in the playoffs
  • Taking Roxane Gay’s essay class on SkillShare

Now tell me something you’re grateful for this week!

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