Five Things Friday: August 6, 2021

Hello and welcome to the first Friday in August.

Something that made me happy this week:

Some friends stopped in when they were passing through the area on a road trip. Their daughter drew this portrait of my dog, Tinsley, and presented it to him. It makes my heart happy to have friends who like my pets, and to have friendly dogs.

Photo by Ramona Mead

Something I read this week:

I read The Guncle by Steven Rowley (many thanks to Brittany for lending me her copy.) It’s a very emotional, ultimately hopeful story about a man who cares for his niece and nephew after a crisis. I am amazed by Steven Rowley’s ability to write a scene that is both sad and funny at the same time. I highly recommend this one.

Something I did offline this week:

I found this awesome painting at Goodwill and hung it in my bedroom.

Photo by Ramona Mead

Something I’m grateful for this week:

Facebook’s “On This Day Feature.” It reminded me of the day I met Lewis Black after his comedy show.

Photo by Ramona Mead

Something I’m looking forward to:

Cooler tempertures where we’re going camping for a few days.

What made you happy this week?

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