Five Things Friday January 31, 2020

Welcome to the last Friday in January! Where did the month go? I hope you had a great week. Here’s my re-cap!


1. Something that made me happy this week.

While chatting with my Wall-Mart cashier about the weather, I looked up and noticed we share the same name! I was beyond delighted! This has only happened to me two other times in my life: once when I was a child and once a few years ago, that Ramona was a young child.

This Ramona didn’t quite share my enthusiasm but she did say “There aren’t many of us!” I asked how she got her name and she told me that her Grandmother hated it and called her Sharon all her life. She didn’t know her name was Ramona until she was 19 and went to get her driver’s license. “Oh my gosh,” I said, “Your Grandma didn’t like it so you went by your middle name?!”  “My middle name is Francine,” She said. “She just called me Sharon. I graduated high school as Sharon. I never knew.”

It made me happy, not only to meet another Ramona, but to listen to someone share their fascinating story.



2. Something I’m reading this week.

You may have heard about the backlash surrounding Janine Cummins’ new novel, American Dirt. It was on all the major lists of highly anticipated releases of this year.  I know a couple people who had read advanced copies and loved it. I was planning to read it and became even more curious after all the controversy began. I was excited to find a copy at my library this week and started it right away. I’m not too far in, but I can say the writing is spectacular. It seems like perhaps the issue is in how the publisher promoted the book that has caused the most outrage. Regardless, that doesn’t justify threats of violence.



3. Something I did offline this week.

On Tuesday, I had lunch with my bestie, Allie, then she took me to two local thrift stores I hadn’t known about. We hadn’t spent that much time together one on one in a while. It was a much needed friend date for both of us!


4. Photo of the week.

This is me walking to the gym Monday morning. I was pretty excited I remembered to wear leg warmers!


5. Something I’m looking forward to next week.

I’m definitely looking forward to the Super Bowl this weekend. Next week I plan to attend a lecture on creative living, and I’ll be going with two friends to see my husband perform in Kiss Me Kate!


Tell me a thing or two that made you happy this week!

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