Five Things Friday July 24, 2020

Hello and welcome to another edition of Five Things Friday. Here’s a look at what I’ve been up to this week.

Something that made me happy this week

Taking a hike on my favorite local trail.

Something I read this week

I’m currently reading The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily Danforth for my book club. This novel has been on my shelf for a few years and I’m kicking myself for not getting to it sooner! It’s about a teen girl in rural Eastern Montana who struggles with realizing she is a lesbian in terms of her religious upbringing. The writing is exceptional, it’s an all-around powerful read. I highly recommend it.

Something I did offline this week

I had to take my young kitty to the vet because she was bit on hte tail by something earlier in the week. She didn’t have to be sedated, and is doing great now.

Some things I’m grateful for this week

  • My kitty being okay
  • Keeping in touch with my friends via technology
  • An essay I submitted to a contest has made it to the Top 20
  • My mother-in-law send a bunch of cute masks she made for me and my husband that fit our personalities

Some things I’m looking forward to

  • My book club meeting tomorrow to discuss our first poetry read
  • Playing in PokemonGo Fest all weekend with my sister-in-law
  • Finding out if my essay makes it further in the contest 🤞🏻

Now tell me a thing or two that made you happy this week!

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