Five Things Friday June 5, 2020

Hello and welcome to the first Friday in June!

Our country has experienced yet another brutal week. I took a pause for a few days, to reflect and take a break from FaceBook and Twitter. I haven’t had the words to comment on what’s happening in our country right now. I’m a writer and I’m used to having words for everything! I don’t have anything to add right now, so I’m focusing on continuing to be me, to live my truth, and strive to be a good citizen.

Here’s a look at what I’ve been doing this week.

1. Some things that made me happy this week.

—->Finding this pineapple cookie jar at Goodwill for $4! I used it as a prop for a Bookstagram photo. 


—-> Seeing these guys in my flower pot every time I walk by. 


2. Some things I read this week.

—-> I devoured Liv Constantine‘s newest novel, The Wife Stalker. I started it on audio book and couldn’t stand to take a break so I went back and forth between that and the Kindle version. It’s a juicy thriller that kept me engaged from start to finish. I highly recommend it for your summer reading!


—-> I’m revisiting  Raven Digitalis‘ guidebook for empaths, Esoteric Empathy. As I mentioned last week, I’m deeply affected by society’s collective energy. This week I’ve been knocked on my butt by all the emotions I’ve taken on. I reached out to Raven and he reminded me that I have the power to convert that overwhelming engird into loving white light and sending it back into The Universe.  


3. Some things I did offline this week.

—-> My bestie, Allie, and I went on a socially distanced thrifting trip. It was nice to hang out with her, even from a distance!


—-> My husband and I picked out and planted two new apricot trees in our yard. 


4. Some things I’m grateful for this week.

My circle of friends.

Guidance from The Universe.

Fresh fruit.

Being able to escape into a great book.


5. Some things I’m looking forward to.

—-> Getting our plants into the garden this weekend.

—-> This crick in my neck to heal so I can ride my bike again.

Tell me a thing you’re grateful for this week. 


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