Five Things Friday November 22, 2019

It’s Five Things Friday! I hope you had a great week!


1. Something that made me happy this week.

My new running shoes. I found them on EBay for a screaming deal because they were a floor model. I love the colors!



2. Something I’m reading this week.

In an effort to get through my shelves, I often listen to audio versions of books I own. This week I started listening to The Nix by Nathan Hill and I’m in love so far. The narration is fantastic and the writing is top notch.


3. Something I did offline this week.

On Tuesday I drove 180 miles round trip to take my little dog to a specialty veterinarian for a spot on his eye. Turns out it’s a cyst involving his iris that is nothing to be concerned about. Hurray for great news!


4. Photo of the week.

My favorite regional sandwich shop, The Staggering Ox, is less than a mile from the vet clinic we went to in Helena. Their claim to fame is these Clubfoot Sandwiches. The bread looks like it was baked in a coffee can and all the ingredients are stuffed down inside. I hadn’t had one in about five years.


5. Something I’m looking forward to next week.

This one’s pretty obvious, I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving! My husband and I host our family at our place each year. We watch the Macy’s parade and the dog show before having our big meal. Having 11 people in my house can get overwhelming but I enjoy this holiday a lot.


Tell me a thing or two that made you happy this week!


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