Gift Ideas For Book Lovers

*Today’s post is an updated version of one I wrote four years ago on this topic.*

A book lover is easy to buy for: we want more books! But before you take the easy route and buy a gift card for the bibliophile in your life, consider these more creative options.

Gift Ideas For Book Lovers


We can never have enough! Consider making some personalized for your recipient, as we always appreciate knowing our loved ones support our reading habit.

Book subscription box

There are many options available, depending on your bookworm’s preferences. I enjoy Book of the Month‘s subscription because I appreciate getting brand new titles to pick from every month. If your book lover prefers classics, or mysteries, or romances, there are options for those specific genres. A quick Google search will point you in the right direction.

Your favorite book

Most avid readers I know enjoy reading a book recommended by someone they’re close to. Regardless of whether or not you think the recipient will like the book, your opinion will be valued. Plus it provides a special opportunity for discussion and connection.

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A book journal

Don’t worry about whether or not your recipient will use the journal, I guarantee they will eventually! And we already have one, we’d love another!

A subscription for audiobooks

If your bookworm is an audiobook listener, I guarantee they struggle to find books they want to listen to without paying a ton. Audible is popular, but there are other options that support independent bookstores and cost less.

A book from their To Be Read list

My wish list is at least a mile long so there are plenty of options. I have a TBR list on Goodreads and Amazon to make it easier on my loved ones, but all you’d have to do is ask your bookworm what’s at the top of their list this year and they’ll be able to tell you! There are certain books I’ve been keeping an eye out for years, out of print editions and the like. Receiving one of these as a gift is always extra special. If you’re giving to an avid reader, think of what they are most interested in and find a book on that topic, or a novel that revolves around the subject. Ideally you’d want to give a book the recipient hasn’t read before. but that’s not necessarily a deal breaker. Sometimes I read a book from the library or pass my copy on, then later wish I’d kept it.

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Sure, you can always go with a gift card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. It will burn a hole in your book lover’s pocket. In fact, they will probably go online immediately following the gift opening to order some books! While this seems like an easy option and bypasses a great deal of effort, I encourage you to reconsider a more personal bookish gift. 

Any gift, but especially a bookish one, given with obvious thoughtfulness and personalization means a great deal more to the recipient than a gift card.

What are your favorite bookish gifts you’ve received?

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