Library Sale Book Haul

My library’ s fall used book sale took place over the past weekend. I took my niece on Friday afternoon, for a chance at the best finds.  We were both overwhelmed by the sheer number of used books for sale this time. Every surface was covered as well as the floors under the tables. The narrow aisles between were packed with book lovers, a frantic energy in the small hot room.


When the door finally opened and the line moved into the room, I panicked. There were so many books. So much noise, movement, color, and did I mention it was hot in that room? I couldn’t think clearly so I grabbed for any title I saw that was on my TBR list. I also found a sweet edition of a book I already owned:

My niece, unfazed by the madness and cool as a cucumber at 11, found me after she finished in the Youth Room to show off her finds. She even went home with a copy of Life of Pi, recommended to her by one of the librarian volunteers.

Sunday morning was my shift volunteering for the sale’s Bag Day. I love bag day on its own, and volunteering makes it even more fun. Not only does it give me several hours to pick out books, what I like most is chatting with the shoppers and giving book recommendations. At $2 for a grocery bag full, most folks tend to toss the book in and say they’ll give it a try!

The last bag day was my first volunteer shift and I was pretty excited about being able to amass a stack of books while I worked. This time I tried to be more discerning so here’s the stack I stuffed in my bag for $2:



I also found this for my bookish bestie


And I snuck these two into my husband’s bag as he shopped!

Overall, I’ll call my book sale experience a success. Next time I think I’ll skip the opening sale and take my chances on bag day!

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