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In a couple days, we’ll officially be halfway through October already. That gives us exactly two and a half months to accomplish all our 2018 goals. We’ve got this!



Earlier this week, I dug my list of 2018 Goals from my Passion Planner and got busy with a red pen. Out of 17 goals, I’ve accomplished 10 so far and have enough time to get most of the rest finished. I’m pretty sure that list was supposed to have 18 goals but oh well…And the only one that’s a sure no is the 365 Grateful Project I started on my 39th birthday and absolutely bailed on.


On the Reading Challenge front, I’m in a bit better shape. At our last check in, back in June, I had read 63 books and completed x of y of my reading challenge categories. I was also pretty darn stuck in regard to working on my memoir.

I’m participating in four reading challenges this year. The first three I talked about earlier in the year, one of which is my own that I’m hosting, and the fourth is being held by my local independent bookstore and I’m allowing myself to use titles from my other challenges to complete this one.

As of today, I’ve finished 116 books and only have 11 reading challenge categories to go!


For my While I Was Reading Challenge,I have three categories left to complete. I’m currently reading The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle, which I got in the mail last month from one of my bookish pals. So I’m planning to count that for the prompt of a book I received as a gift.

For a book recommended by one of your parents, I’m planning to read A Year by the Sea by Joan Anderson, which is my mother-in-law’s favorite book.

The other category I have to fill for this one is a memoir or biography about a musician I like. I have a few of these on hand so I haven’t decided which one it’ll be. Stay tuned for a later post including my choice!

2019 reading challenge


For the PopSugar Challenge, I only have one prompt left, which is a Cyberpunk book. That was one of my least favorite prompts out of all 50 for this challenge. I’m planning to read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that I like it!


For the ReadHarder Challenge, I have 6 left out of 24, and I’m open to suggestions because some of these have me seriously dragging my feet:

A classic of genre fiction – I tried Dune and IT and quit both for different reasons. Worst case scenarios, I can pencil in my above Cyberpunk choice…

A book published posthumously – I’m thinking either A Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott or A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway. I own copies of both adn they’ve been on my TBR for years.

A book about nature – Tentatively planning Stolen World by Jennie Erin Smith. It’s non-fiction about smuggling of reptiles from the wild to the exotic pet business.

A western – I’m interested in Gunslinger Girl by Lyndsy Ely

A comic that isn’t published by Marvel, DC, or Image – I own a copy of MAUS but I’m dreading it so I should probably find something else!

An essay anthology – I have a bunch of these on hand so it shouldn’t be tough to get through one.

I’ve only got one category left for my local bookstore’s challenge, which is a book by an author who will be visiting our town in 2018. Thankfully this bookstore does an amazing job of hosting events so I’ve got a long list to choose from. I’ve recently borrowed the first in a series from the public library that meets the requirement, The Nocturals by Tracey Hecht.


I thoroughly enjoy reading challenges, they push me out of my comfort zone and expose me to authors and content I might not discover on my own. And I will say there’s always a sweet spot in the year when I’ve marked off all my categories and can read whatever I want, whenever I want. Hopefully I’ll get there soon!

How are your reading challenges going? Do you think you’ll participate in any in 2019?!

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