The Best Books I Read in April 2021

I finished nineteen books in April. Five of those were 5-star reads and five were 4-stars, so that’s a pretty dang good ratio of great reads to meh ones!

Today I’m giving you my top five reads from the bunch.

The Best Books I Read in April 2021

Only When It’s Us by Chloe Liese

Contemporary romance

Available on Kindle Unlimited. Here the rivals to lovers trope is done exceptionally well. The misunderstandings between Ryder and Willa are completely understandable. There are so many things I love about this book. Mostly that the woman is a famous athlete instead of the man. I love how the characters’ families and friends were such a huge part of their lives. The humor is top notch, even around difficult topics like disability and grief. The sexual tension between Willa and Ryder is through the roof! Every time I thought there’d be some relief, it got more intense. I both loved and hated that! I especially appreciate how the characters are given time to work through their crap. They don’t rush each other and the author doesn’t rush them. It’s a story that’s sad and happy and frustrating all at once.I highly recommend this one for readers of romance.

*Note* The second book in this series (Always Only You) was also a five star read for me this month.

Signs by Laura Lynne Jackson


This was my second time reading this book. I re-read it because it resonated with me so strongly the first time and I need some positivity and inspiration right now. Pandemic life has been hard on me, along with extra personal challenges I’ve faced recently. I knew this book would deliver the reminders I needed that we are all connected and I am not alone. The writing is overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. Jackson uses straightforward language to best explain her beliefs and give guidance. She shows those who are ready how to not only remain open to signs from The Other Side, but to live a life that is based in love, not fear. I highly recommend this to any reader.

Group by Christie Tate


While I enjoy memoir, rarely do I come across one where I feel like I can’t put it down, like I did with this one! This is the author’s personal account of her years in group therapy. The writing is blunt, bordering on crude at times and it absolutely works for the story. Christie is honest and vulnerable in sharing her experiences with the reader with the goal of eradicating shame. Overall this is a stunning memoir in terms of what it says and accomplishes. The whole point is that we humans are wired for connection. We cannot achieve intimacy with others until we release our shame and are willing to be seen for who we really are. Christie found this in her group members and that is such a gift. It takes a lot of work to be seen and trust the seers aren’t going to bail on you. This is an important book that I will recommend to just about anyone!

The Point After by Sean Conley


This memoir surprised me in many ways. Sean Conley is a former NFL kicker turned yoga instructor, and chronicles his life starting when he fell in love with kicking as a child. As a football fan, I loved the behind the scenes look at NFL life. It was really eye-opening in terms of how the league operates. I can’t say I was surprised my much of it, yet I was disappointed to hear it. Sean’s story is one of perseverance and what happens after we reach our goals. Over time, he learns there is so much more to him than being a kicker with an NFL dream. While my life has been very different from his, I could relate to his journey. I highly recommend this for readers of memoir, especially sports stories.

The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

Contemporary romance

This is a charming romance with a compelling premise. I read it in a single day, I couldn’t put it down! Jess is a single mom who hasn’t ever dated seriously. Her best friend talks her into submitting a sample for a new matchmaking company that uses DNA samples to make matches. River is a founder of the company, so when he gets a match in the system, it’s a huge deal. I absolutely loved this concept of matching based on DNA. It made the story interesting because it was something neither character had control over. The writing is sharp and hilarious. I highly recommend this one for readers of romance.

What was your favorite read in April?

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