What I Read This Week: July 17, 2022

You may have noticed I didn’t post last week. I’ve been caught up in caring for my dd post-surgery, and I only finished one book that week!

This week I was back to my routine and I finished four books. Here’s a re-cap.

My Cone and Only by Susanna Nix

Contemporary romance

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book one in the King Family series. This was such a yummy read! It’s a pretty perfect romance novel, containing everything I love about the genre with a super sweet friends to lovers trope and some fantastic groveling! Wyatt and Andie have had feelings for each other since they were kids but they’ve always seen each other as off limits so they’ve never acted on those feelings. Now something has caused a shift and they start to wonder if the other may be interested. This book has great tension, humor, and sex scenes. While it’s a romance, it also explores familial obligations and gender expectations. I loved it from start to finish! I highly recommend it for romance readers.

The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams

Contemporary romance

Rating: 2 out of 5.

This was a cute read but it had some problems and was overall a disappointment.First of all, this is a sports romance with HARDLY ANY SPORTS. Bree is a dancer turned instructor and there’s only one time she dances in the whole book and one major scene with her students. The subject of her dance studio is a huge part of the book but we don’t see it much. The same with Nathan. he’s an NFL quarterback and we get ONE scene of him actually playing, and that was in the last 20 pages of the book. Second of all, the degree to which these two deny there’s something between them is ridiculous. It’s friends to lovers and a slow burn but the whole “he’ll never see me as a romantic interest” thing goes on for WAY too long, for both of them. Once they finally give in and decide to show the other their true feelings, I enjoyed the story a lot more. There’s definitely some humor and swoony moments that were great. My last complaint is that this is a book with a lot of sexual tension and then no sex. BOOOO! There’s all this lead up and no delivery. While I did enjoy this at times, there are way too many romance novels out there that do things much better, so I can’t say I recommend this one.

Forrest for the Trees by Kilby Blades

Contemporary romance

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book one in the Green Valley Heroes series, which is a spin-off of the Winston Brother series by Penny Reid. This isn’t a straight forward romance, it’s part mystery and the combination works well here. After a series of suspicious fires in the part where she’s a Ranger, Sierra sets aside her grudge against Fire Marshall Forrest, to work with him to investigate the fires. Eventually, things between them turn into more than just a co-wroker relationship. My biggest issue with this book is it has a similar plot point to another book in the Smarty Pants universe and I just read it a couple weeks ago. Still, it’s different enough that I was intrigues by the mystery and found it to be an entertaining read all around. I recommend this for readers of both romance and mystery.

More God Than Dead by Angelo Geter


Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is my book club‘s August selection. I went into this knowing it was going to be heavy, but I wasn’t expecting to be brought to tears. These poems are absolutely in your face in terms of Angelo’s grief and rage. My favorites were the black out poems he created using his wedding vows. Each one was a punch to the gut and they emphasize just how acute and severe his loss is. I appreciated that we got poems about his wife that gave us a sense of who she was and how their love grew. This is a very powerful, raw collection of poems that needs to be read slowly and savored. I highly recommend it.

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