What I Read This Week: June 13, 2021

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Finlay Donovan is Killing It by Elle Cosmiano


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By far one of the most entertaining listening experiences I’ve ever had! Finlay Donovan is a stressed out single mom and a novelist who isn’t going to be able to meet her deadline. While having lunch with her agent, she’s overheard discussing the plot of her next murder mystery and mistaken for a contract killer. The story is darkly hilarious. The writing is sharp and funny and unique. Angela Dawe’s narration takes the writing to the next level. She voices all the characters to perfection. I loved everything about this audiobook and can’t recommend it enough.

One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

Contemporary romance

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August is new to New York City and trying to find her way. When she sees the same gorgeous girl on the subway every day, she develops a crush. When she learns that Jane is not exactly what she appears to be, August’s becomes determined to help her. I enjoyed the chemistry between the two women, there are some very steamy semi-public scenes, which were great. I also loved how meeting Jane brought meaning to August’s life in New York City and connected her to her new roommates. Overall this is a story about found family, which always resonate with me. It’s also a wonderful exploration of different expressions of sexuality and gender. The characters are diverse and complex, even the minor ones. It was fun to get to know them all and watch their personal growth. I recommend this one for readers of romance, particularly LGBTQ+ stories, and magical realism. There’s even a few dashes of historical fiction in there. 

The Guild of the Infant Savior by Megan Culhane Galbraith


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I bought this book because the format is similar to what I’m working on for my own memoir, it’s narrative interspersed with photos. The author’s story is very different from my own, she was adopted as a baby, but I’m surprised by how much I still relate to my search for my family history. Her own story is told in between anecdotes about the history of adoption in the US as well as specific programs and facilities that existed in the past for unwed mothers and babies up for adoption. It’s a truly powerful read that I recommend for any reader of memoir.

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