What I Read This Week: November 28, 2021

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Thanks to having eleven people in my house this week to celebrate Thanksgiving, I only finished two books.

99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne

Contemporary romance

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This didn’t come close to being as great as Sally Thorne’s other two novels but it was still decent read. There’s a lot of tension and chemistry between the two characters that went on just a little too long. Darcy and Tom have known and loved each other since childhood but have always been off limits because he’s her twin brother’s best friend. After some lovely forced proximity after his engagement is called off, they finally realize they can’t torture themselves any longer and give in. There are consequences of their choices, of course. Overall it’s a fun story with some great humor. I recommend it for romance readers. 

Emotional Inheritance by Galit Atlas


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This was a well written, engaging look at how trauma and secrets affect families, particularly future generations. The author shares stories and examples from her own family, along with those of her therapy patients. She mixes these anecdotes with research, facts, and quotes from other professionals. I was invited in each story and connected with the characters who are discussed. I related too their stories in regard to my own family trauma and journey to heal. This book is helpful for understanding why and how families keep secrets and/or get stuck in patterns of trauma and pain. It made me think about my family in new ways and affirmed my desire to break the cycle, be different, and heal myself. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to understand their family history.

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