What I Read This Week: November 6, 2021

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I finished four books this week and they were all pretty good! This puts me at 171 for the year, creeping closer to my goal of 200 for the year!

The Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery


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I was expecting this book to be dense with science facts. Instead, it reads more like a memoir. The book chronicles the author’s interest in and experience with octopuses and what she learns along the way. Her time visiting the Boston Aquarium not only teaches her about aquatic life, it also connects her with other interesting, passionate humans who all care deeply about the creatures in their care. Montgomery’s writing is engaging and her love for octopuses comes through loud and clear. I learned a ton from this book and I enjoyed following along on her journeys.I highly recommend this one for readers of non-fiction science books as well as memoir. 

Love in Due Time by L.B. Dunbar

Contemporary romance

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Available on Kindle Unlimited. This is book one in the Green Valley Public Library series, which is a spin off of the Winston Brothers series by Penny Reid. Second chance romances are my jam and this is a doozy of one. Eighteen years after spending one night together, Nathan and Naomi’s paths have crossed again. Both of them have a lot of baggage and shame related to what happened in their separate lives after their night together. While there are moments of humor, it’s a heavy story overall. I recommend this one for readers of romance.

Eliza Starts a Rumor by Jane L. Rosen

Contemporary fiction/audiobook

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This juicy drama reminds me of a Liane Moriarty novel. The story follows a group of women in a suburban community, all of who are adjusting to motherhood and other changes in life in different ways. Their lives revolve around an online bulletin board (Facebook page) for women. When drama is stirred up there online, it has ramifications in the real world. I loved the relationships between the women, some are easier than others, which felt realistic. I listened to the audiobook, and it was fully engaging. I highly recommend it for readers of women’s fiction and audiobook listeners.

Learn My Lesson by Katee Robert

Erotic romance

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Book two in the Wicked Villains series. Hot damn, this series is rocking my world and broadening my horizons! I’m reading about relationships and sex acts I haven’t encountered in romance novels before. It’s hot and also interesting, a combo I never thought existed! In this story we have Hercules, Meg, and Hades, an unlikely trio who eventually fall for each other. It’s sexy as hell but there are also moments of vulnerability and trust that I found quite moving. These books have a lot of explicit sex yet a lot of heart as well plus fantastic world building. This book was a much easier, less heavier read than the first in the series. Though it’s not light by any stretch of the imagination. The story tackles heavy subjects like domestic violence and being disowned by family. I highly recommend this series for romance readers who like lots of sex scenes and are looking for something a little different than your average romance novel.

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