What I Read This Week: September 5, 2021

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I can’t believe it’s September already!

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting with my usual regularity lately. As I mentioned in my last post, this is because I’ve had family stuff going on and am care taking my dad post-surgery. I’m hoping to get back to more posts (and more reading) next week.

In the mean time, here’s my update on the two books I read this week.

The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling

Paranormal romance

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Advanced copy from NetGalley, expected publication September 28, 2021. This was an enjoyable read, but I found myself wanting a little more from it. Viviane is a young witch who didn’t learn about her magical family history until her mother died when she was a teen. I wanted more backstory, more emotions about that part of her life.  There are lots of funny moments and hot sexy times. I loved the magical component, especially that Vivi’s love interest in a witch as well. The setting of a small town with a secret witchy college is great. The story takes place over Halloween, which adds a lot to the paranormal vibe. I also appreciated the exploration of the importance of place, of connecting to where you’re from and what happens when you don’t have that. Overall, it’s a fun read and I recommend it for readers of romance.

Just Kids by Patti Smith


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I certainly understand why this memoir has received so many accolades. It’s an extraordinary portrait of a unique relationship. While I found the writing skilled and the content interesting, the overall tone is melancholy and that slowed me down. I could only read 10-20 pages at a time. I loved the glimpses into the rock ‘n roll and art scenes of the 1960’s and ’70s, especially the scenes at The Chelsea Hotel. Patti is honest and vulnerable in her writing, some scenes are shocking or graphic, but it’s never too much, it all fits the story. I did feel like there were two different angles here, the parts where she was telling her and Robert’s story is what I connected with. The others felt like she was name dropping a lot and convincing the reader how important they were. That I didn’t care for as much. If you’re into celebrity memoirs, this is one I’d recommend.

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