5 Books on My Wish List

Despite having hundreds of unread books in my home, there are always books I want to add to my collection.

This year I have several books on my Christmas wish list, and here are my top five.

Book of Extraordinary Tragedies by Joe Meno

This one came highly recommended by my friend Adam and that’s all I need to hear to want to read a book. He said it is similar to the works of Kevin Wilson, who I love so I know I’ll like this one. The story is about two siblings who were classical musical prodigies. It follows them as they grow up and experience life. When illness forces one to move back home, everything changes for the family. I take it this is a darkly comic novel, which is usually to my tastes so I’m looking forward to it.

How to Keep House While Drowning

I recently heard about this book on a friend’s Instagram and immediately looked it up, then added it to my wish list. The title alone speaks to me strongly! I hate house work and when I am dealing with depression or other illness, it becomes impossible. I love the subtitle calling this a “gentle” approaching to cleaning and organizing. The blurb promises the reader will learn how to customize their cleaning strategy and rebuild your relationship with your home. that sounds like information that would greatly improve my quality of life so I’m excited to read it.

One the Trail of the Jackalope by Michael P Branch

I read this non-fiction book in May and absolutely loved it. I had borrowed it from the library and a physical copy would be a great addition to my shelves. The author investigated the jackalope’s history through three lenses: lore/mythology, taxidermy, and science. I learned so much and there are great photos too!

Write on Sisters! by Brooke Warner

This was recommended to me by my writing partner, who passed away in August. Now I’m inspired to read it more than ever. The author examines ways that women’s writing is discounted or less valued than men’s writing, and then discussing how to overcome these challenges. She also provides encouragement grounded in real-world suggestions for how women can thrive as creatives despite these barriers.

A Heart That Works by Rob Delaney

Delany has been on of my favorite comedians for years now. His first memoir was a funny yet dark at times story of growing up. This new memoir is about the experience when his young son was diagnosed with a brain tumor and later died. I can’t imagine what that experience would be like and am eager to read this. I’ve heard good things about it!

You might be wondering what non-bookish things I have one my wish list this year so here are a few:

Carcassone expansion packs

I was introduced to this game over the summer and loved it. I’ve bought the base game and I think it would be really fun to add in some of the expansions.

Fingerless gloves

Mine are coming apart! They’re great for walking the dogs or doing other chores outside in the cold so my hands are protected but I can still use my fingers.

Opossum mug

I’m a sucker for fun coffee mugs and since I got an opossum tattoo this summer, I’ve been on the los out for anything featuring one of my favorite animals. I appreciate that this is a positive message, too.

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