6 Charming Holiday Romance Novels

I’ve never thought of Christmas-time as a particularly romantic season, but maybe that’s just me!

Only within this past year have I truly delved into the romance novel genre, so I thought I’d look for some high rated ones set at this time of year.

6 Charming Holiday Romance Novels

One Day in December by Josie Silver

This book has been all over Instagram lately. It’s often described as a book version of the holiday movie Love Actually – That sounds lovely to me! The story follows three main characters over the course of ten years of friendship, love, heartbreak, risks taken and passed over, and choices reconsidered. Their stories are a reminder that fate can intervene in a journey to happiness.

Twelve Days of Christmas by Debbie Macomber

As the Christmas season approaches, Julia becomes determined to get through to her grumpy neighbor Cain. She starts a blog to chronicle her project of extending kindness to him no matter what. When Cain begins to show a kind man under his harsh facade, Julia starts to fall for him, and she must decide whether to tell him about her (now very popular) blog and why she started being nice to him.

Christmas Under a Cranberry Sky by Holly Martin

The first in Martin’s A Town Called Christmas Series, introduces readers to Piper, a professional hotel reviewer. Her next job takes her to a newly opened hotel where she runs into her first boyfriend., who she hasn’t seen in over a decade. Now Piper must face her past and consider opening her heart again in the future.

The Stocking Was Hung by Tara Sivec

Okay, I know the topic of this post is charming romances, and this one is more on the steamy side, but I wanted to include a wide variety here! Noel is headed home to visit her family for Christmas, delayed at the airport and dreading questions about her relationship status. Long story short, she crosses paths with a hot Marine who doesn’t have anyone to spend the holidays with and she invites him home. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!



Lighting the Flames by Sarah Wendell

Genevieve and Jeremy have been best friends since they met at a Jewish summer camp when they were seven. One summer Jeremy left camp suddenly and it’s been over a year since they’ve seen each other. Now they’re both back to help run a special Winter Camp during Hanukkah. This is a story of friends exploring if they may be something more.

Not Another New Year’s by Christine Ridgeway

Hannah took a vacation for a break from her life as a school teacher. It never occurred to her that she might find more than that, including a chance at love.

Do you have a favorite holiday romance? Or any other suggestions for my list?

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