6 Series I’ve Bailed On

I recently wrote about several book series I’ve enjoyed, the ones which best held my attention and their quality all the way through. I genuinely appreciate a good book series. Being able to follow beloved characters over time, through trials and adventures, is a special kind of bookish joy.

When I’m thoroughly engrossed in a book, the ending can be harsh. To suddenly be cast out of that world and not be able to return can be brutal.

On the opposite end of that spectrum are many book series I’ve started but haven’t cared to finish. It’s a different kind of bummer to finish a book, know there’s another in the series waiting, yet not  have any interest to read more.

The following list aren’t the only series I haven’t finished, these are the ones I consciously quit and know I don’t want to continue. (There are several series I’ve gotten into and plan to finish, maybe that will be another post some day!)

1.The Hunger Games. 
I’m the only person I know who didn’t like these books. I read the first one before the movies came out, and I finished it wondering what all the fuss was about. So I went right to the second one, thinking It must get better than this. I found Catching Fire to be annoyingly similar to the previous book. I almost didn’t finish it but pushed through and have no interest in the third book. I watched the Hunger Games movie out of curiosity, and found it more enjoyable than the book, but it still didn’t go much for me, and I didn’t watch any of the other movies.



2. The Maze Runner
I read the first book for my book club, then was ill and not able to make the meeting. Perhaps if I had a discussion with my friends, I would have had more interest in continuing the series. I flat out didn’t like the concept. Then I saw a preview for the movie and thought Gosh that looks better than the book! I have yet to watch it though.








3. A Series of Unfortunate Events
My husband and I listened to the first two audio books in this series during a holiday road trip, one book on our way to my in-laws and one book on the way home. By the end of the second one, we were both so bummed we swore off ever reading any more of them! I know the point is there’s no happy ending for these poor kiddos, but I can’t take it!





4. Raven Cycle 
The first book was awesome, with a unique storyline and interesting characters. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the second one and was severely disappointed. It was simply too far fetched and a bit over my head. It went in its own direction, more than following the threads from the first book that I was interested in. I finished it, hoping it would eventually rebound and inspire me to continue with the series but no such luck.




5.The Rosie Project
This is not a full series, there is this book and a sequel. I hated it, and only persevered because it fit a category for my reading challenge last year. It’s unrealistic, and the main character Don Tillman is unlikable. I could not believe the story progressed as it did, and I couldn’t face the idea of a sequel!






6. My Brilliant Friend.  

These books are beautifully written. Translated from Italian, they are much different from an American novel. I loved the first one. I was fully engrossed and emotionally involved. The ending is abrupt, so I went right on to the next one. I can’t say I disliked it, however they were both such downers that I couldn’t continue.




Do you disagree with my opinions on these series? Are there any series not listed that you have bailed on?

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