8 Places to Connect With Other Readers

The worst thing about reading a great book is when you’re dying to discuss it with someone but no one you know has read it. I know, #BookNerdProblems, but I promise it happens to the best of us sometimes.

So to avoid being in that predicament, or to simply share your love of reading, here are a few ways your can connect with other bibliophiles.

8 Places to Connect With Other Readers

Your local library

Regardless of whether you can make it in person or not, your library offers tons of resources you can enjoy, including book groups and other activities. In this time of COVID, they may all be virtual events, but those can be just as enriching as in person meetings.


Again, depending on COVID protocols, your local bookstores may be offering in person events now. If not, they are surely offering virtual book discussions and author events. In fact, book stores all over the country have been holding virtual events which expose authors to a wider fan base.


Besides seeing your friends reading activity, Goodreads offers community in their Groups section. You can connect with readers with similar interests to yours, or even authors looking for specific readers.

I understand Goodreads is undesirable for some people due to their association with Amazon. If that’s the case, there are several alternatives out there such as The Storygraph. These platforms offer some of the features of Goodreads with goals to make the experience better or at least different for users.


I love Bookstagram and have written in the past about how you can make the most of it. It’s regular old Instagram but focused on books. In the few years I’ve been active on there, I’ve made friends all over the world and forged some strong connections. Plus there are giveaways and all other sorts of fun stuff going on.

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Facebook Groups

If you have an interest, chances are there’s a Facebook Group for it. Some are smaller more private groups, and others have tens of thousands of members. I belong to groups specifically for NetGalley reviewers, others for folks who book blog, and a couple that are for fans of specific authors. They’re a great place for people to come together and discuss books.

Book Twitter

This is regular Twitter but with book related hashtags and authors. I’ll admit I’m not terribly active on there but I do know it’s a thriving community of authors and readers. You can follow me @RMeadBlogger.


This is TikTok focused on books. This is the platform I’m least familiar with but I know it’s been blowing up lately and is apparently the place to be for book recommendations. I’ve even noticed that Barens & Noble has a table dedicated to books that are popular on BookTok.

Where do you connect with other readers? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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