ARC Review: Doc Showmance by Zoe Forward

ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy and these are books given out by the publisher before the book is available to the public. ARCS are given to booksellers and librarians as well as reviewers with the hopes of generating some buzz for a book before it goes on sale.

I receive ARCs directly from authors and publishers, but my main resource for them is NetGalley. This website serves as a middle man, so to speak, connecting authors and publishers with readers. I’ve been a member since 2017 and I review over 50 titles for them per year.

As a new feature on this blog, I’m going to occasionally post an ARC review to give you a heads up on books that are coming out. Today title, Doc Showmance, publishes today by the author.

This is an enemies to lovers romantic comedy set in a veterinary emergency clinic. I worked in veterinary clinics for over 20 years and all the clinic content is accurate. I’ve never worked in a clinic that was filmed for TV but I have seen tons of drama and found everything in the book believable, including doctors fighting over patients and clients asking doctors on dates. (After I finished the book, I learned the author is a veterinarian so that makes a lot of sense!)

Amber was not a likable character, I had trouble rooting for her. I think her big ego reminds me of some of the veterinarians I’ve worked with and that wasn’t fun. But I did enjoy the development of her relationship with Ian. He was a fun character and I liked him throughout the book.

While this wasn’t a home run for me, it was enjoyable and I recommend it for romance readers who are interested in veterinary medicine and animals.

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