Five Things Friday, April 17, 2020

Hello and welcome to another Social Distancing Edition of Five Things Friday! I hope you and your families are all staying safe.

Here’s a rundown of what I’ve been up to.


1. Some things that made me happy this week.

—->Monday’s blog post was a collaboration with a poet friend, and I was super happy with how it turned out, and how positively my readers responded to it.

—-> A friend left a goodie bag on my front porch on Easter afternoon. It was mostly books, which I was happy to get, but mostly it felt wonderful to know she thought of me and made the time to bring it to my house. 


—-> I have a book club friend who is immunocompromised, so I took her my copy of our next read and she left some books for me on her porch with pretty dried flowers as a thank you. It makes me happy to see how we are taking care of each other and figuring things out while we live through all this uncertainty. 

2. Some things I read this week.

—-> I finished my book club’s next read, which is The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James. It’s a well written ghost story of a thriller, with a super high creepiness factor. I highly recommend it.



—-> I finished an advanced copy of Mike Birbiglia’s new book called The New One: Painfully True Stories From a Reluctant Dad (publication date May 5, 2020.)I thought it might not resonate with me because I don’t have children, and I was wrong. Mike is a spectacular story teller, his essays alternate with his wife’s poetry, which show their drastically conflicting perspectives through their process of becoming parents. It’s a hilarious read and an honest look at parenthood. I highly recommend it.
—-> I’m currently listening to Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch, and absolutely loving it. I’m partly mad at myself for not reading it sooner, yet glad I’m experiencing it right now. It’s a young adult novel about a teen girl who loses her mother to cancer, then finds herself spending the summer in Italy to get to know her father, which was her mother’s dying wish. There’s a little romance too, but it’s a moving story and I can’t wait to learn how it all wraps up.

3. Some things I did offline this week.

—-> Made Deviled Eggs in honor of Easter (one of my favorite foods.)


—> I got my first subscription order of postcards and stamps from Sugar & Kiki, so I spent time sending out some snail mail. 


4. Things I’m grateful for this week. 



Video calls with friends


My pets keeping me company and making me laugh during this quarantine time.


5. Question of the week: What’s your favorite thing you’ve read so far while social distancing?


Tell me a thing or two that made you happy this week!

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