Five Things Friday March 27, 2020

Hello and welcome to another Quarantine Edition of Five Things Friday. I hope you and your families are all staying safe.

Here’s a rundown of what I’ve been up to.


1. Things that made me happy this week. 

—–> Musicians doing live stream concerts from their homes. This is a dream come true for an introverted music lover like me! Plus, they’re all fundraisers and it’s cool to see people coming together online.

—–> I have a friend who lives in my subdivision and has two girls who have been making happy art projects for their neighbors. I got a bunny visit and it has brought me a ton of joy. They left it on my front door as a surprise, so I brought it in to keep it from the weather. 


—–> My dad hasn’t been able to come over since all this started, and this week I let my dogs visit with him in the driveway. I could tell they missed each other. 



2. Things I read this week.

—->I stayed up waaaaay past my bedtime Sunday night to finish The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez and it immediately became my all time favorite romance novel! It’s heavy for the genre, which I appreciated. It’s the most realistic romance novel I’ve read so far. It’s a beautiful story of not only romantic love, but friendship and self love.

—-> I’m currently reading Rock & Roll Will Save Your Life by Steve Almond. It’s an essay collection about his life as a passionate music fan, or what he calls “a Drooling Fanatic.” Steve’s writing is sharp and funny. These essays resonate with me on a deep level and while the musicians he talks about aren’t the ones that I adore, it has reminded me how important music has been in my life and has inspired me to listen to stuff I haven’t heard in years.


3. Some things I did offline this week.

—-> I finished the puzzle I mentioned last week and started a new one. This one’s a Thomas Kincaid painting with a Gone With the Wind scene.


—->My husband and I have finally got around to playing some of our board games. 


4. Things I’m grateful for this week. 

My little dog seems to be feeling much better because I’ve been able to get the supplies we needed to treat his new diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Yesterday, our Governor issued a stay at home order that starts at midnight tonight. I suspected it was coming so it was nice to finally hear it and know steps are being made to keep us safe.

A fresh snowfall that covered up all the dog poop in my yard!

Having LOTS of books at home to read and to loan to friends and family while they’re stuck inside.

5. Question of the week: 

What are you doing to stay busy right now?

Now I want to know: How are you staying positive this week? 


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