Five Things Friday: May 21, 2021

Happy Friday, I hope you had a nice week! We had temperatures in the 80’s on Monday and Tuesday, then it got chilly (into the 40s) which isn’t unusual for this time of year. I woke up to six inches of snow this morning, which I wasn’t expecting. The fruit trees in our yard were in full bloom and I’d put out my patio planters full of flowers. Seeing everything covered in snow this morning made me sad. Now all I can do it wait for it to melt and see how things faired. *sigh*

Since I’m feeling low this morning, it seems like a good time to focus on all the positive stuff that happened this week.

Something that made me happy this week.

On Monday, I was able to visit with my writing partner and dear friend, Lisa, for the first time in 15 months! We’ve been meeting once a week on Zoom but it was great to be in the same room together again. She gifted me this shirt, saying she saw it and thought “That is totally Ramona.” I love it when friends show how well they know me.

Photo by Ramona Mead

Something I read this week.

I’m currently reading Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor. It’s non-fiction, about the way humans have evolved to breathe less efficiently, how that contributes to ailments, and how people have discovered ways to breathe differently.

Back in November I took a virtual breath trance workshop and it was a wild experience. By breathing in an unusual pattern, I had a wide range of physical and emotional responses. This book was recommended by some of the participants and it’s really interesting. I highly recommend it.

Something I did offline this week.

My husband and I had our first coffee date at a bookstore since the pandemic. It was so nice to be able to wander and browse and sip a creamy drink. It feels like I’m starting to have control over my life again.

Photo by Ramona Mead

Something I’m grateful for this week.

I hit 100 rides on my Peleton bike this week. Almost every time I use it, I’m overwhelmed by gratitude for it. I’m still not comfortable with the thought of going to the gym, so being able to exercise similarly at home has been a huge boost to my quality of life. My husband bought me the bike as a “Diagnosis present” back in December when I found out I have Huntington’s Disease. While there is no treatment for this genetic neurodegenerative disease, one of the very few things they do know is that regular vigorous exercise can help slow down the progression. So it’s about a lot more than simply being glad I have an exercise bike. I’m grateful to have a supportive partner and the opportunities to buy things I want and need.

Photo by Ramona Mead

Something I’m looking forward to.

The snow melting! Also getting together with a couple good friends this weekend.

What’s something you’re looking forward to this week?

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