Five Things Friday November 15, 2019

Welcome to my second official Five Things Friday weekly update. I hope you had a great week!


1. Something that made me happy this week.

My friend Lea has the best timing when it comes to care packages. She sent me these goodies with a card to acknowledge the recent passing of my cat Pumpkin. They happened to arrive the day I came down with a stomach bug, which was the day after I had spent several hours in the ER with a family member (everyone is fine now.)


2. Something I’m reading this week.

I only have one category remaining for my 2019 reading challenges. It’s PopSugar’s Category to read a book that was published posthumously. I’ve put this one off til last because I’m dreading it most. I had a few options on hand and this week I started A Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott.



3. Something I did offline this week.

I took my first spin class ever on Tuesday. It was challenging for sure, but really fun. I love keeping beat to the music while pedaling. About 90 minutes after class, I started puking. I’m pretty confident it’s a coincidence my stomach bug hit at that time, ( I wasn’t feeling 100% before I went to class) and now I’m super nervous about trying it again but I know I have to eventually!



4. Photo of the week.

My and my pets cuddling on the couch. This is my favorite spot in the house!


5. Something I’m looking forward to next week.

I’ll be taking my youngest dog to a specialty vet 90 miles away for a second opinion on a spot that showed up in his eye this week. I’m hoping we get good news that it isn’t cancerous, and I’m grateful I found someone in the state to see him so I don’t have to make a longer road trip this winter to get care for him



Tell me a thing or two that made you happy this week!

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