How to Review Audiobooks

I’ve posted a few times on the how and why of rating books and writing reviews. Those posts have been general in regard to the format of the books. Today, we’ll look at how audiobooks are different when it comes to reviews.

Unlike a print book, where you directly consume the author’s words as intended, when you listen to an audiobook the words are coming to you through the filter of a narrator.

A narrator can make or break an audiobook. There will be times when a so-so book will be made better by a talented narrator. Likewise, there will be great books that are ruined by poor narration or simply the wrong choice of narrator.

Here’s my advice on relaying your thoughts in a review.

How to Review Audiobooks

Discuss the narration. Because some books have multiple audio version, be specific about the one you listened to. Name the narrator, mention if it was a full cast, or read by the author. Discuss whether the narrator fit the story and characters. Mention any sound effects or other unique elements.

Talk about how the narration impacted your reading experience. Here, speak to your thoughts/opinions on the author’s work and the narrator’s, and how the two do or don’t work together.

Discuss the story. This part is the same as if you were reviewing a print book. Give a brief summary of the plot, being careful to avoid spoilers. Be honest about how the book made you feel. Talk about what you liked, what you didn’t, and why.

Give your opinion. People reading your review want to know what you thought. If you disliked a best-seller, readers need to know what potential pitfalls lie ahead. Too much violence? Unnecessary curse words? Weak writing? Say what you truly think. There’s no need to be mean, though remember a negative review does not mean the same as a bad or mean review.

Give your recommendation. Who would you recommend this audiobook to? If it wasn’t a good fit for you, who might it be better suited for?

Keep all of this in mind and you’ll be writing helpful reviews easily in no time!

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