The Perils Of Being A Bookworm


Last week, I wrote about the perks of being a bookworm. Just like anything else, having your nose in a book all the time has some disadvantages as well!

  1. People respond to my book related murmurs. My husband will check on me if he hears me gasp out loud or utter “oh no….” He’ll ask “Is everything okay, or was that book related?” When I’m listening to audio books I often catch myself audibly reacting to what I’m listening to, and I’ll glance around to see if anyone heard. A few times, I’ve had to point to my ear buds and say “This is a really good book,” to explain my shocked gasps!


  1. Being interrupted while reading is the worst. My husband has an uncanny knack for needing something  when I only have 3 pages (or 3 minutes) of a book left. This morning my dad called when I was on the last page of a novel, and I almost didn’t answer! I generally don’t mind of someone sees me reading in public and wants to strike up a conversation about the book, otherwise I don’t want to be interrupted-especially on a plane!


  1. Carrying around a heavy bag. I realize we’re in the age of the Kindle now, so I’m creating this problem for myself, but I like to take the book I’m currently reading along with me if I suspect I might have time to read. And of course I always have my notebook with me. And sometimes I have my planner in there as well…What can I say? I’m an analog bookworm.


  1. Running out of shelf space. I’ve written about this recently, and while I don’t consider it a huge problem, I often find myself shuffling stacks of books around to accommodate guests!


  1. Book hangovers. When I finish a wonderful book, particularly if it’s been emotional (which it usually is) I need some quiet time to process everything and come to terms with the fact that the book is over. I often dream about characters during and after a particularly engrossing book.


What’s the worst thing for you about being a bookworm?


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