Welcome Back

At the end of August, I put this blog on hiatus. At that time, I had no idea if I would return to it or not.

I had struggled through most of the year creating content and wasn’t producing the quality I strove for when I started this site.

In January of this year I had COVID, then in April I was diagnosed with Long COVID. Fatigue, brain fog, and depression have been debilitating.

Along with those symptoms, I suffered from a creative block and lacked ideas for posts or the energy to write them.

Then at the end of August, my dear friend Lisa passed away. She’d been my writing partner for four years and we had a special bond. Grief overwhelmed me to the point where I could barely function and that’s when I decided to take a break from my blog. I needed as many things off my plate as possible.

Me and Lisa working together in 2019

My heart is healing and I miss Lisa terribly. I also know she would encourage me to advocate for my health and fight to get back to a creative life.

I revisited my doctor and started a medication to combat my long COVID symptoms. This is not a cure, but is meant to give me some relief and it has done that. I have more energy both physically and mentally and while I’m not at 100%, I’m feeling like myself again.

Hopefully this return to my site is permanent, but only time will tell if I am healthy enough to maintain it or not. I missed blogging while I was away from it, which tells me it’s something I’m meant to be doing.

For now, I welcome you back to my bookish world and I hoe you enjoy the content I’ve been working hard on!

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  1. Jess Benoit

    December 12, 2022 at 8:40 pm

    😘 Proud of your resilience and vulnerability, friend!

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