What I Read This Week: August 29, 2021

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Despite having a hectic week personally, I was able to finish three books. This books my total for the year at 133.

The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang

Contemporary Romance

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This is book three in The Kiss Quotient series, but could easily be read as a standalone. I had high expectations for this book after reading the previous two in the series and this one didn’t land the same for me. It’s a very different book, heavier, more emotional, and there isn’t much humor. I’m so happy to finally have a book about Quon. He is a wonderful, complex character. I love how people makes assumptions about him based on his appearance that are completely wrong. With all that being said, this book is more Anna’s story than his. Yes it’s a romance and there are some hella hot sex scenes, but it focuses on her journey to figure out and care for herself. Family is a huge part of that, particularly Anna discovering who she is without her family’s judgement. Therapy plays a huge role in this novel, which I always love to see in any book but especially a romance. It’s about healing in many different ways, about accepting yourself even if you feel broken. I recommend this one for romance readers and Hoang’s fans but again, it’s a very different type of book.

Calm by Ruby Dixon

Sci-fi romance

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Available on Kindle Unlimited, book 8.5 in the Ice Planet Barbarians series.

Eye Candy by Jiffy Kate

Contemporary romance

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Available on Kindle Unlimited, book three in the Fighting for Love series. I usually don’t like the virgin trope but it works pretty well here. Maggie is inexperienced at life in general so it makes sense. Also her virginity isn’t presented as some prize to be awarded, which I hate. This is a nice small town story and Maggie’s situation feels realistic. She’s in her 20’s yet still lives at home, partly because she works for her family’s business. Vali came to Green Valley to get away from a scandal. He’s also highly involved with his family business so he understands why Maggie is in the situation she’s in. I appreciate that no one ever makes fun of her lack of life experience. As with the previous books, I love how the Erickson family is prominent and the brothers show up for each other. This is definitely a book about family, both sides of the coin, the obligations and the benefits of being loved and supported. Overall this was an enjoyable read but I wanted more from it. I’d still recommend it for romance readers, but you should definitely start with the first book in the series.

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